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MetLife survey reveals importance of good corporate citizenship

MetLife survey reveals importance of good corporate citizenship

A recent survey conducted by MetLife showed that most employees expect the company they work for to have good corporate citizenship. Jon Richter, Vice President of corporate citizenship at MetLife, shared his insights about this interesting finding with HR Daily Advisor.

"It’s a new era in the war for talent, and employees’ expectations of current and prospective employers are shifting. Increasingly, employees want employers to align with their values and make a broader impact on society. “Show me the money” is giving way to “show me your values and impact.” And when companies demonstrate this, employees are more loyal, proud, satisfied, and motivated," says Jon.

The importance of corporate social responsibility

According to Jon, MetLife's survey revealed that the majority of employees believe companies should do more than just the traditional role of a business. This includes corporate citizenship, making a positive impact on the local community and the environment, and supporting employees themselves by challenging problems that they may face.

A good corporate social responsibility doesn't just benefit the employees and the wider community. MetLife's survey also highlighted the positive impact on the company itself. When a company demonstrates good corporate social responsibility, this increases pride for the company, employee retention, satisfaction and a better commitment to work from employees.

"Doing good and having aligned values have a tangible bottom-line impact. Companies that meet or exceed employee expectations see loyalty, job satisfaction, pride, and motivation rise exponentially," explains Jon.

MetLife strives to help society and its employees

While MetLife's survey shows that many companies aren't meeting these expectations, MetLife is certainly going above and beyond to make a positive difference to its employees and the wider communities it serves.

In terms of wider society, MetLife Foundation has provided more than $783 million in grants and $70 million in program-related investments to make a positive difference for individuals, families and communities. Through all of its work – grant making, volunteer engagement and impact investing – MetLife's goal is to build healthier and stronger communities worldwide.

MetLife also strives to make a positive difference to the lives of its employees, particularly in terms of diversity and inclusion. MetLife was was celebrated in Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for transparent gender reporting, promote women’s equality in the workplace, have a high number of executive women, and who have the best policies and benefits to drive gender inclusion.

"As the line between work and life blurs together, where people work is increasingly becoming a part of how people identify themselves. As work becomes part of a person’s personal brand, he or she wants the workplace to support and reflect how the person views life," adds Jon.

"Companies have a real opportunity to not only look inward and embrace the shift in employee expectation but also look outward, aligning their values and striving to make a positive societal impact."

Make a positive difference in your career

MetLife is committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace and providing their female employees access to a range of fantastic career opportunities. If you want to join a Prime Employer for Women, check out MetLife's job vacancies.


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