Andrew Geoghegan, Diageo Global Head of Consumer Planning, writes about gender-inclusive initiatives and overcoming bias in advertising

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Diageo is overcoming advertising bias and pushing inclusivity

Diageo is overcoming advertising bias and pushing inclusivity

Andrew Geoghegan is Global Head of Consumer Planning at Diageo. He co-leads Diageo's marketing initiative on gender, which has been part of a wider effort to create a more inclusive and diverse company.

Andrew knows there's a lot to celebrate - Diageo now has a more gender-inclusive board and executive committee and a fairer parental leave policy. Diageo has also joined the #UnstereotypeAlliance and created an industry toolkit with Unilever to tackle stereotypes in communications. Diageo has also signed up to Free the Bid and supported the Creative Equals scheme Creative Comeback.

Unstereotype Alliance Diageo Syl Saller

But, in light of the UK's Advertising Standards Authority ban on the use of harmful stereotypes in advertising, Andrew recognises that there's still more to do to.

In an article for Marketing Week, he discusses what steps companies should make to overcome this bias and create a more inclusive industry.

Read the full article via Marketing Week here.

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