Jill Brown works with drones as a Honeywell #futureshaper

 November 13, 2023

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The great thing about drones is they can go up and collect stacks of images - but what do you do with all this data?

As a Senior Technical Manager at Honeywell, Jill Brown does important work that helps to improve safety and efficiency for companies. She works with drones and the incredible volume of data they generate.

Honeywell innovates and integrates thousands of products and services to advance and easily deliver safe, efficient, productive and comfortable experiences worldwide - so Jill is proud to play a role in this important mission. 

"I love my job. I love being in this field with this evolving technology. I love being with people who are trying to think big and outside the box. To me, working at Honeywell has been amazing," says Jill.

Watch the #futureshaper video with Jill discussing her work.

Excited to see what the future brings

"I am excited to be one small part of Honeywell. I grew up in a time when cordless phones were considered a big innovation and watched the technology evolve from landlines to cordless phones to palm pilots and then to smartphones in a decade. I foresee a similar advancement in the progression and public adoption of UAV technology, albeit with a great need for safety, engineering rigor and proper regulation to ensure public safety. I am also learning how IMU and positing/navigation technology is changing industries outside aero – like autonomous cars and, drones! I believe we do not know all the uses for these technologies yet – and I can’t wait to see what the future brings," says Jill.

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Honeywell is building a world that’s safer and more secure, more comfortable and energy-efficient, more innovative and productive. 

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