Medtronic's Sheri Dodd helps manage chronic conditions

 November 06, 2019

Leaders at prime employer Medtronic want their company to do more than make medical devices: they want to help manage chronic diseases. Medtronic executive Sheri Dodd is helping to lead the shift and discussed her ideas at ​DeviceTalks in Minnesota.

Sheri explained she often thinks about her cousin who lost her life to Type 2 diabetes complications at the age of just 47.

“I think about this all the time, and I think, 'What did she need in her journey so that she could have avoided getting Type 2 in the first place?’'" Sheri said at DeviceTalks.

Helping people manage their chronic diseases

Working at Medtronic, Sheri is now able to help answer her own question. She's Vice President of Medtronic Care Management Services and Non-Intensive Diabetes Therapies. In her important role she is at the forefront of the company’s shift toward helping people manage their chronic diseases.

In her DeviceTalks interview, Sheri discusses partnerships and technology advances and offers insight into the ways in which Medtronic is helping transform people's lives.

“There’s a technology play, but there is a behavioral play that Medtronic is not uniquely expert at, and that’s why partnerships and building out solutions is going to have to happen in that area of chronic management,” Sheri comments.

Read more insight from Sheri's DeviceTalks interview or watch her exciting video.

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