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From Tuscany to Ireland, Laura Collis Eaton journey

From Tuscany to Ireland, Laura Colli's Eaton journey

 December 05, 2019

Meet Laura Colli, Global Procurement Logistics Director, International Procurement Offices, at Eaton in Ireland.

Laura was born on a small island in Tuscany (Elba Island) where all her family still lives and she initially joined Eaton in Italy. Now, Laura is based in Dublin and has enjoyed multiple international experiences in procurement, sales and project/quality management.

In her current role, Laura is responsible for the development, deployment and maintenance of global sourcing strategy for all logistics categories cross Eaton's businesses, in alignment with senior stakeholders and in conjunction with regional SCM (supply chain management) teams and project managers.

Where Women Work learns more about Laura's exciting and important work at Eaton.

How would you describe yourself professionally and personally?

I could describe myself as passionate about what I am doing professionally. My risk taking approach helps me to overcome barriers and think out of the box, while always respecting others and being bold about my aspirational goals.

What do you do on a daily basis for your job?

People engagement as well as attracting, developing and inspiring others is one the key missions of my job. I need to drive the team consistently towards outstanding results and promote an inclusive and diverse culture - these are the enablers for creating a compelling and successful organization. Leading by example and respectful behavior are my own approach to create followership and foster a play to win spirit in my team.

How does your work contribute to a bigger picture and direction?

SCM organization is one of the key strategic functions in each enterprise. I work in the materials and logistics function and I am working in and part of SCM Organization, which raises the bar to achieve excellence on efficiency, people and performance. We are currently part of a journey of creating a consistent global procurement organization fully integrated with all SCM functions in the Eaton businesses and COE in Pune.

What's challenging about your role, and what's most enjoyable?

Challenging aspects of any global procurement organization are represented by the ability to be agile enough to leverage scale, capture full potential from the markets as well as managing volatility while keeping intimacy with Eaton businesses/divisions. This is exactly what I like the most, being always connected and integrated with business and creating partnerships with key global players that provide added value to Eaton customers.

What challenges or opportunities are occurring in your sector?

I am a Procurement Director. The main challenge in my career is represented by the ability of companies to truly own an inclusive and diverse culture. In our sector, as well as in procurement function, there are a small number of women and gender balance is still an area of cultural improvement. And in general, in my professional career, I have often found myself the only woman to hold a director's role within the managerial staff. However, I've seen a big progress in recent years regarding inclusion and diversity initiatives at Eaton, and this is one of the main reasons why I am proud to work for this company. I am passionate to continue my professional journey.

What's your advice for women applying for jobs with Eaton?

Transparency and communication skills are essential in this job as well as ability to listen to business needs and act accordingly. Creating empathy internally and externally at Eaton is another important skill.

Can you describe the work culture there?

There is a very inclusive and diverse culture which values people.

What's the best career tip you can share?

Don't give up - and do what you say. Leading with example and listening to others is the most powerful way to create followership.

What are your interests outside of work?

I am a runner and a motorbike rider. I like cars and football (soccer). 

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