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Thales supports women Systems Engineers

 March 14, 2016

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Thales delivers inspired solutions to clients in five core areas: Aerospace, Space, Transportation, Defence and Security and is moving towards an Agile environment and looking for talented Systems Engineers to join them.
Clara Juanes-Vallejo is a Systems Engineer who works within e‑Security at Thales. Here she reveals what Systems Engineering is all about - and the importance of looking at the bigger picture.

What is a Systems Engineer?

A Systems Engineer within Thales is someone who looks at the whole picture, and touches the full lifecycle from conception to delivery. We focus on understanding an entire complex system, rather than one specific area within that system. It’s our job to ensure that all the different parts of a project work together, not just in isolation. 

What’s it like being a Systems Engineer at Thales?

I think the main thing is agility. I work in an Agile environment. So rather than developing an entire system up front and then sharing it with a client, we’re in constant contact with clients and the relevant teams throughout the development process. It means we get to engage with clients more often, and are able to respond more quickly to client needs or changes in the market. In my experience, it also leads to more innovative results, which makes every project more rewarding.

What do you think it takes to succeed in an Agile environment?

Soft skills are always useful in any work environment, but they’re essential in an Agile one. You especially need to work well in a team as it’s all about interaction and trusting your colleagues and knowing that you can go to each other for help. 

Opportunities for Systems Engineers

At Thales we are always looking for Systems Engineers from complex engineering backgrounds with experience in the full life cycle to join us in all five areas of our business. Right now we have immediate requirements within our Defence and Avionics teams.

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