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84.51° Director of Agency explores digital impact on grocery industry

84.51° Director of Agency explores digital impact on grocery industry

 September 17, 2020

84.51°'s Jill Smith is Director of Agency Partnerships for Kroger Precision Marketing at 84.51˚ and spoke at the Commerce Live conference about how digital acceleration is transforming the grocery industry, and how consumer brands can better position themselves by leveraging data and precision marketing solutions.

An eCommerce conference with industry leaders

The CommerceLive virtual conference addressed meeting global complexities of eCommerce head-on, ways to adapt your organization to benefit from continued digital acceleration, and winning tactics brands need to employ for faster growth.

Some of the topics addressed included:

  • Managing the Complexity of Global Commerce in an Accelerating Market
  • Driving eCommerce Action from the Global to Local Level
  • Adapting the Organization for eCommerce Acceleration
  • Grocery, Re-imagined: A Fireside Chat with Kroger
  • Measurement 2.0 - A Fireside Chat with David Rawlinson, CEO of Nielsen Global Connect
  • eCommerce Is Everyone’s Job Now - Getting Your Entire Company Prepared for Digital Transformation
  • Using Consumer Purchasing Signals to Maximize Advertising ROI
  • Retailer Search Strategies - What's Working and What's Worth It?
  • Budget Fluidity: The Key to Planning Your 2021 Strategy
  • Crushing Q4: How to Double Down Your eCommerce Success on Amazon & Beyond
  • Getting in the Digital Consideration Set: How Tyson Leverages Organic Search Data to Drive Sales and Unite Teams

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