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Graduates bring innovative ideas and make a difference at DHL

Graduates bring innovative ideas and make a difference at DHL

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​​​​​​​DHL’s culture is built on the two 'Rs' - Respect and Results. The company values its employees, provides them with opportunities to achieve personal goals, and when combined, the results are unmatchable. You'll be working alongside people with a hands-on attitude, who love a challenge and do everything with a smile on their faces.

Depending on where your talents and interests lie (and where in the world you are based, of course!), DHL sure has a graduate development program that is perfectly suited to you. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to jump straight into a regular, full-time job, we offer plenty of direct entry roles too.

DHL women graduates

Why join DHL Graduate Programs?

Whether you are looking to join as a graduate or start your journey earlier, DHL wants you to stay and grow with the company, to keep learning, and build a successful long-term career.

You can take various career paths within DHL, e.g. beginning your career as a Junior Sales Manager in a country and becoming the Vice President for Sales & Marketing at the regional Headquarters or growing from an intern in Talent Management to the regional Head of HR in one of the divisions.

Exciting graduate programs give you the perfect start at DHL and prepare you for challenges ahead and your future career. Ready to launch your professional career?

GROW graduate program in Europe

1.5 to 3-year rotational career development programs in different business functions across Europe - providing you with opportunities to work within the logistics business.

GROW graduate program in Germany

GROW is an international program for high-flying graduates and young professionals. Throughout this 18-month program based in Germany, you will experience new challenges, exciting opportunities, the chance to build your network, and, potentially, international assignments.

S.A.I.L (Sales Accelerated Intensive Learning) Program

S.A.I.L is a six-month program designed to develop your commercial capabilities by providing you with a solid foundation of learning that combines formal classroom, online certification courses, on-the-job shadowing, and hands-on experiences. Once complete, you will shadow an experienced sales representative to gain additional training while working with your local sales manager, your local sales and operations team to successfully prepare you to sell in your own sales territory.

Management trainee programs in Asia

There are many exciting opportunities for recent university graduates from different disciplines interested in pursuing a career with DHL in various countries in Asia. All the information regarding what qualifications you will need, what the company offers to students and graduates in return, and the various functional areas you can work in is available here.

One DHL Ireland

A 24-month program where you as a graduate will spend 8 months at a time in each division, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Express, and DHL Supply Chain, on a rotational period while developing your skills and knowledge as a project manager.

And here's some further information on DHLgraduate programs.

DHL is THE logistics company & THE Freight Forwarder to join for women

Because you can be sure of a bright future - In an uncertain world, the scale and scope of the business – and the resources that DHL possesses – offer a level of stability and security that few other organizations can match.

Because you'll be respected and supported - DHL’s diversity policies and practices are designed to tackle gender stereotypes, encouraging, enabling, and empowering women to excel in roles once dominated by men. Today, more than one in five middle and upper management positions is held by a woman. And the number is growing all the time.

Across the group, there are numerous programs to support and inspire female employees, ranging from networking events, career programs to talent pools. Let us not forget to mention the 'Women at DHL Global Forwarding, Freight' initiative, which won a gold award at the internationally renowned Stevie Awards for Women in Business for two consecutive years.

Join DHL

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In a global business like this one, the opportunities are endless. So, join DHL. Work with DHL. Grow with DHL. Stay with DHL. Discover the positive impact you can make and build an amazing DHL career.

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