MadeByMe campaign lures women to engineering

 July 15, 2016

"More women are needed in ‪engineering‬," says Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon from University of Sheffield as she discusses the ‪#‎MadeForMe‬ campaign launched by University of New South Wales on prime time Australian television via the ABC.

We must continue to spread the message

"Supporting the Made By Me campaign, along with my further work on Diversity and Inclusion I'm undertaking at The University of Adelaide, is an extension of what we do in Engineering at Sheffield and across the UK," explains Elena. "Wherever we are, we must continue to spread the message that the more female engineers we have in one place, the more we'll have women engineers everywhere else. We need a chain reaction when it comes to gender diversity in engineering."

Getting women interested in engineering

The women's engineering ‪#‎MadeByMe‬ campaign aims to increase women's positive perception about and interest in engineering - so check it out at

#MadeByMe is all about making the invisible visible, and doing so in an exciting way that will truly change how school leavers perceive engineering. The campaign reveals the hidden engineering behind everything in our day-to-day lives.

Your world. Made by engineers. Discover the people who help make a lot of your favourite things.

Exciting engineering jobs

For the latest, most exciting engineering jobs  with the best employers for talented women, view our engineering jobs. Or to explore some of the innovative practices in engineering in academia visit University of Sheffield's Engineering Faculty.

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