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Beam Suntory fosters an inclusive, flexible and supportive environment for all its people. In 2020, Beam Suntory significantly expanded its flexible workplace and parental leave benefits globally, as part of a sweeping effort to foster a more diverse and inclusive culture.

"I’m incredibly proud of how we are turbo-charging our global benefit offerings in 2020 to help our people bring their best selves to work and to life outside of work,” says Paula Erickson, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Beam Suntory.

"Beam Suntory is a place where you can ‘Unleash Your Spirit,’ and we believe that offering additional time when it’s needed most, as well as greater flexibility, will lead to even better productivity and performance from our team worldwide."

Returning to work

BEAM SUNTORY - Sara Roston

Sara Roston [pictured above] is a Senior Manager in Corporate External Communications at Beam Suntory and shares her experience of returning to work after maternity leave.

She describes how, despite feeling "rusty", she received full support from her manager and team members who prioritized her health and well-being throughout the entire re-integration process.

What was challenging returning to a career?

"Returning from six months of maternity/parental leave following a truly intense, non-stop summer for the Corporate Communications team managing global communications around COVID-19, among other things. It’s tough to return to work after that absence – parental leave isn’t a vacation. Aside from the obvious sleep deprivation and adjusting to life with a new baby, you’re also using different parts of your brain," explains Sara.

"Upon my return, I felt 'rusty' and that I wasn’t a super helpful team member at the onset. Getting back up-to-speed was stressful, and I was constantly worried that I wasn’t doing what was necessary for the team to succeed."

What support did you receive from Beam Suntory?

"I was supported 100% by my manager and my team members who not only picked up extra work during my maternity/parental leave absence, but they were patient and kind as they re-integrated me, they were understanding as I struggled with childcare issues and inconsistencies, and my team prioritized my health and well-being during my re-integration above everything else," says Sara.

"They reassured me that I was doing well and was supporting them in the ways they needed. Before I knew it, I felt confident again in my work and with my place on the team."

Was the support useful and helpful?

"The constant words of encouragement and support, willingness to go above and beyond to help me understand what I had 'missed' and what the new priorities were, and the patience that was shown as I got back into the swing of things was truly unbelievable," reflects Sara. 

"I really am so grateful for my manager and my team – it’s a great example of living our new behavior of 'we over me' and collaboration to ensure the success of everyone on the team and others across the business whom we partner with."

Supportive global parental leave policies

At Beam Suntory, primary caregivers are entitled to at least 26 weeks of fully paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child, with secondary caregivers receiving four weeks’ paid leave. This enhanced benefit places Beam Suntory in the top tier of global company parental leave policies.   

The opportunity to work remotely

Expanding on its flexible workplace policies, Beam Suntory offers employees the opportunity to work remotely one day each week, with flexible and compressed working and job-sharing opportunities available globally. This is designed to promote increased productivity, creativity and collaboration. 

Balancing work and personal lives

In an additional effort to help employees balance their work and personal lives, employees are eligible to work compressed weeks such as four 10-hour days and a Short Fridays benefit in which anyone who has completed required work hours and business needs may leave the office at 2:00 PM on Fridays all year around. 

Become a part of the Beam Suntory family

Beam Suntory values the diverse perspectives its employees can bring, which is why it welcomes people from all professional and personal backgrounds - including women who have taken a career break.

Work for a company that values difference.


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