Keen to grow a marketing or sales career with Medtronic?

Keen to grow a marketing or sales career with Medtronic?

 September 23, 2021

At Medtronic, employees can Build, Grow and Connect through a wide range of job pathways.

Through their careers, Medtronic employees can build a better world, grow a career reflective of their passions, and connect to a community that welcomes the challenge of life-long learning.

Proud to know her work is essential 

Carmen Mickouiza Ganga [pictured above] is the Director of Marketing Operations at Structural Heart for Medtronic and is based in Minnesota.

Carmen's team enables the Structural Heart marketing organization to effectively make strategic decisions that put patients first, accelerate profitable share growth, and positively impact team culture. 

"We take great pride in knowing our work is essential to the delivery of high quality therapeutic solutions for patients," she explains.

Participating in career development programs

Medtronic jobs

Meanwhile, Emily Torrance, Florida-based Senior U.S. Commercial Strategy Manager for Cardiac Ablation Solutions (CAS) at Medtronic, has enjoyed taking advantage of key career development programs.

"Having the support of world class leaders has given me the confidence to excel in roles I have been in, while also sharpening my skills for opportunities down the road," she says. 

"Medtronic's future is bright!"

Push the boundaries of medical technology at Medtronic

If you want a career that is challenging, energizing, and rewarding, consider joining Medtronic as they push the boundaries of medical technology.

As the world’s largest stand-alone medical technology company, Medtronic offers an unprecedented breadth and depth of innovative products, therapies, and services to fulfill its Mission.

With a global reach that extends to 160+ countries, Medtronic has a deep understanding of many universal healthcare challenges. They use their experience, extensive partnerships, and the passion of more than 90,000 employees to help transform healthcare worldwide by improving outcomes, expanding access, and enhancing value.

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