Schneider Electric mechanical engineer Aria Silva tells her story

Schneider Electric mechanical engineer Aria Silva tells her story

 November 09, 2021

People’s talent shines much more when they can be themselves.

Aria Silva is a mechanical engineer who graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida Yucatán. She currently works as a mechanical designer of low voltage switchboards in Schneider Electric and is part of the global Schneider Electric LGBT+ community.

Aria with considerable courage and authenticity openly shares her important experience as a transgender woman, growing up in confusion and navigating her professional world with her new identity.

"I already knew about Schneider Electric and its inclusive values, but I wasn’t sure if someone like me would really have the chance to be part of it. I just wanted to stop being overwhelmed by the constant thought that I’d be rejected as soon as I presented myself with this “new” identity. Then I thought “I don’t lose anything by trying”, so I applied without hope," she explains.

"A few weeks later, it was time to make a decision. They’d eventually find out the truth about my identity. I decided it was time to test whether they would be willing to embrace different. To my complete surprise, I wasn’t wrong to be open and straightforward about it. I felt liberated knowing that it was my talent and skills that had opened the doors to this company," says Silva. "I feel so proud to say: I am Me, I am UNIQUE, I am Schneider Electric."

Silva hopes that sharing her experience will serve as motivation for those who, for whatever reasons, cannot live openly yet.

Read the full article of Aria's story of how she felt comfortable being her unique self at Schneider Electric.

Thank you Aria! You are appreciated.

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