John Deere welcomes its women returners back into the workplace

John Deere welcomes its women returners back into the workplace

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Career transition programs for professionals who take a career break have often focused on supporting women returners back into the workplace.

In some companies, these programs are no longer restricted to women. 

What started as a platform offering second career opportunities to help women return to work are now increasingly being extended to men as well.

Organizations like John Deere offer inclusive second career programs for both women and men.

As John Deere's Regional Talent Management Leader for India, China, South East Asia, Africa & Middle East, Shobha Pandey has led diversity, equity and inclusion training across the region. “When we presented this to the country group, during the discussion a point emerged — why not extend the program to men as well? We want to be an inclusive organization and inclusion is about everyone. Men are equally taking breaks. The idea is to tap people who have taken breaks for various reasons," explains Shobha.

John Deere's career returners support is called REAP (Rekindle your career, Engage back with workplace, Apply your skills and talents, Perform and prove your mettle). This was initially conceptualized as a second career program for women.

With REAP becoming completely gender-neutral, the only guide guideline for applicants is a two-year career break. “However we do look at what relevant experience the person has had in 
his/her career and whether the person requires any upskilling," explains Shobha.

Looking to head back into the workplace

Be smart and choose a supportive employer, one that will value and nurture your talent. One where you can feel part of an inclusive and respectful team.

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