Schneider Electric director Latasha Reindl is a volunteer

Schneider Electric director Latasha Reindl is a volunteer

 June 14, 2022

Schneider Electric is proud to support many different community organizations. Employees give back through organizations such as the American Heart Association, FIRST Robotics, and Special Kids. 

Schneider Electric is proud of its employees like Latasha Reindl, an avid volunteer who’s making a lasting impact in her local community.

Meet Latasha Reindl

Latasha serves as the Director of Service Operations Excellence with Schneider Electric.

A Milwaukee native, Latasha attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, studying Economics and Business, before attending Concordia University, where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Business with a Finance concentration.

She lives in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin with her husband and two kids, and is an active volunteer within the community - something her employer Schneider Electric very actively supports.

Grateful for Schneider Electric's support

Latasha volunteers because she wants to be the change she wants to see tomorrow, as well as an example to others.

"I’m grateful that Schneider Electric supports me on this lifelong journey," she says. "Schneider Electric supports many different foundations and partners, and encourages employees to give back to communities through mentoring, training, and volunteering."

Taking part in various community projects 

Latasha has exercised her passion for volunteering by working with different organizations over the years as well as taking part in volunteering on an individual level.

These include volunteering at a local children's hospital by organizing event where people adopted families during the holiday season; working with non-profit United Way of Milwaukee & Waukesha County that works to eradicate poverty in health, education, housing, and workforce development through mobilizing people and resources; and organizing a team of around 100 people to help beautify a school in the inner city of Milwaukee before the children returned to their classes in the fall.

Sharing her lessons learnt

Volunteering is a huge part of Latasha, and the projects that she works on pour into her as much as she pours into them. Latasha shares the lessons she has learnt volunteering:

  • Don’t Change Who You Are: All the experiences in my life, the good and the bad, help define who I am as a person. I would not change that for the world. Embrace who you are and allow that to lead the way in your effort to help others.
  • Dream Big: Have a plan, even if it changes. As a kid, all I wanted was a quality education, to not drink, smoke or use drugs. I’m proud to say that with dedication and focus, I have held to all of those things and achieved my goals.
  • Be the CHANGE you want to see tomorrow: Be an example for others; I tend to look for volunteer opportunities that provide me with a chance to give back to the little kids that I once resembled.

"Volunteering provides you the opportunity to do good for others and your community and give back to those around you. I encourage you to spend some time volunteering with local organizations – you never know the lessons you will learn and the impact you can make!" she adds.

Work for a company that encourages volunteerism among its employees

Schneider Electric employees know how important it is to give back. The company proudly supports partners working to improve education, protect the environment, promote global citizenship, and inspire innovations in science and technology.

Schneider Electric encourages volunteerism among its employees by underwriting the costs of charitable work, donating money to organizations her employees are involved with, and providing paid time off to volunteer.

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