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Women making their mark at AECOM

Successful women are certainly making their mark at AECOM. Voted 2016 Best Young Woman Engineer at the Women in Construction & Engineering (WICE) awards ceremony in London, Alison Waterworth, a senior engineer, has worked on a number of major projects in the UK. These have included the Forth Road Bridge cable band bolt replacement and acoustic monitoring replacement projects in Scotland, and a year-long assignment in Russia, where she was a part of the technical team working on the Moscow M11 Highway project.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth Peters is director of Special Projects in the global Delivery Excellence team, having been promoted from being an associate director, and is based in the United Arab Emirates. An expert in BIM, Elizabeth has worked for AECOM since 2013 and was a driving force in implementing it in many projects.

An environment to thrive

As with many companies in the industry, there is still work to be done. But with the rich opportunities and a wealth of support systems in place, AECOM is well on the way to breaking down the barriers to its female employees’ success.

Women at AECOM truly thrive in their careers. Discover for yourself the current vacancies on offer.

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