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World Youth Skills Day sees HCL share womens thought leadership

World Youth Skills Day sees HCL share women's thought leadership

 July 20, 2022

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HCL Technologies (HCL) celebrated World Youth Skills Day by sharing the experience of women in the tech industry - both the company's own employees, and also industry leaders.

World Youth Skills Day celebrates the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.

HCL supports Ananya Gupta's goals

World Youth Skills Day

HCL spotlighted the experiences of TechBee Scholar, Ananya Gupta, who started working with the company as a Software Engineer just one-year after completing high school.

"From achieving personal growth to being financially stable enough to support my family, the HCL TechBee program has helped me fulfill all my goals," she said.

Designed exclusively for high-school graduates, HCL's TechBee program prepares students technically and professionally for global IT careers in HCL, where candidates undergo an extensive 12-month training to become successful IT professionals and work for world-class global companies.

Sharing advice for young people

HCL Microsoft

HCL also shared a special message from a General Manager at Microsoft, Naria Santa Lucia, who provided her advice for young people on World Youth Skills Day.

"I urge the young people of the world to keep their focus on continually learning new functional skills to ensure digital literacy and to retain their high employability and relevance," said Naria.

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