Hear from four inspiring women about life at Medtronic

Hear from four inspiring women about life at Medtronic

 August 17, 2022

At Medtronic, women are engineering the extraordinary in a diverse and inclusive culture. This pioneering culture enables employees to bring more creativity, better decision-making, and enhanced innovation to the business.

Medtronic delivers results the right way and puts patients first

Medtronic takes pride in its extraordinary colleagues in manufacturing, who assemble and produce the life-saving medical technology that enables the company to fulfill its Mission to “alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.”

For Operations Director, America Beato [pictured above], joining Medtronic has exceeded all her expectations. 

"I'm a true believer of our Mindset, and I enjoy communicating with my team about our daily life experiences and promoting a transparent environment where we all can be part of the success together at our site," she explains.

"This is a great opportunity to deliver results the right way and put patients first."

Medtronic gave Amber the resources she needed to start a family

Medtronic women

Medtronic puts extraordinary people like Amber Woods first, creating a culture of belonging and always pushing to get employees the resources they need.

A Senior Field Clinical Engineer at Medtronic, Amber explains how Medtronic has supported her desire to start a family via the Kindbody benefit

Medtronic enhanced its fertility benefit through Kindbody, as part of the U.S. Medtronic medical plans. Kindbody's mission is to make fertility and family-building care more affordable and accessible for all.

For Amber, this access to Kindbody enabled her to be less stressed about the timing of starting a family.

"The benefit covers 3 cycles of egg retrieval as well as IVF procedures," she explains.

Medtronic diversity networks enable Jessica to belong

Diversity networks Medtronic

Diversity networks like the Society of Women Engineers (SWEnet) build solid cross-company relationships, connecting employees with valuable career knowledge.

Medtronic Product Development Program Manager, Jessica MacGillvray, is part of SWEnet, which makes her feel included at Medtronic. Being around "like-minded, strong technical women" drives Jessica to go outside her comfort zone when approaching her career.

"The support from this group is immeasurable," she says.

Kristen is changing lives through impactful marketing

Medtronic inclusion

A life-changing career is yours to engineer. In Marketing, alongside colleagues like Kristen James, you can build a better future, grow a career reflective of your passion and abilities and connect to a dynamic and inclusive culture.

Kristen is a Medtronic Global Senior Product Manager who, as a marketer, strives to positively change lives. 

"Medtronic empowers me to produce purposeful work through high-impact campaigns featuring innovative solutions that improve quality of life for two patients every second and create clinical efficiencies at every stage of care," she says.

"The opportunities to make an impact are endless."

Work for a diverse and inclusive company

Be part of a company that thinks differently to solve problems, make progress, and deliver meaningful innovations.

People succeed together at Medtronic and the company rewards employees in ways that matter most to them.

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