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Thales inspire a new generation of engineers

 April 11, 2017

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Thales in the UK recently spent a day with students from Ifield Community College to introduce to them the importance of Science, Technlogy, Engineering and Maths subjects and the role they play in the world around us.

In this video, Thales female engineers talk about the importance and benefits of having a diverse workforce and what actions they’ll take to help drive gender parity.

With only 9% of the engineering workforce in the UK made up of women, Thales is keen to help the younger generations engage with STEM and help them discover what an education in these areas can offer.

STEM Ambassadors from Thales sparked discussions including “What is an Engineer?” and “What do you think an engineer looks like?” concluding in some interesting answers!

Thales companies have exciting work, intelligent teams and an excellent work culture. Whether you are a student interested in learning more, or a qualified professional simply looking for your next role - Thales could be for you.

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