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Canberra to New York via exciting EY career move

Canberra to New York via exciting EY career move

The allure of the Big Apple can draw in many an ambitious career professional. New sights, new people, new lifestyle choices - so much opportunity prevails if one is willing to take the leap. And the leap, if supported by a progressive caring employer, can prove all the better.

Diana Malcomess has been working as a talented Senior Manager in Canberra. With an impressive Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Economics majoring in International business, Finance and Economics under her belt from Australian National University, Diana is forging a very exciting career at professional services organisation, EY.

Having worked with many smart and capable colleagues in Canberra, Diana values the tremendous experience gained from working for a leading professional services organisation in the nation’s capital city. The constant level of innovation, progressive technologies and fast-paced challenges has meant that Diana has been exposed to many important career experiences at EY. And being client-facing, Diana has developed a wide range of exceptional skills and useful professional knowledge. She enjoys how the elements of accounting, project management, consulting and technology are all intrinsically combined in her work.

“When I explain my role to friends and I outline how I work, they’re always fascinated and want to know more. In fact, I’ve motivated quite a few of my friends to consider consulting as a career,” Diana remarks.

Following a number of successful technology-focused roles in the public sector that centred around government service delivery improvements, Diana chose to take her experience to EY where she could build on her strengths and forge new ground. Having worked directly with executive teams in government on technology transformation projects, Diana was well positioned to support EY’s clients in their own technology transformation projects.

Positive mindset makes the most of opportunities

Diana understands that people can spend quiet a significant proportion of their daily lives at work, so from her perspective she constantly aims to make this time as enjoyable and challenging as possible for both herself and the people around her. “I tend to develop close, supportive relationships with the colleagues I work with and it’s one of my priorities to always remain open and transparent,” attests Diana.

An accelerated career path

For Diana, no two days are ever the same at EY. “I love constantly learning about new things. There’s nothing like working on different client engagements while being on an accelerated career path. I get to learn about so many aspects that I’ve always wanted to know about - in addition to learning about many issues I’ve never even thought about previously,” explains Diana.

For many employees, the culture of an organisation is key to satisfaction and feeling valued. And for Diana, she’s certainly not disappointed. “I truly adore the vast range of people I’m fortunate to work with at EY. Previously, I worked for another professional services organisation and I still speak regularly with colleagues employed by other groups, but I feel that the people culture at EY is so much stronger and collaborative and this really fits with my values,” reflects Diana. And working for a global organisation, where a consistently inclusive work culture is ensured from Canberra to New York, is important to Diana.

EY Diana Malcomess

Surrounding yourself with support

Diana joined EY because she was seeking a fresh, new journey with lots of exciting challenges. Grateful for constant collaboration and career advice from supportive EY senior leaders, Diana feels she has grown professionally, and personally, in developing her strengths and taking her career to a new height - and this includes her exciting move to New York City where Diana is experiencing a whole new career chapter supported by EY.  

Diana’s positive outlook and mental attitude are impressive “I’ve always taken life as it comes and have never restricted or limited myself in opportunities. I’m continuously grateful to be surrounded by supportive people who share my view in always being prepared to say “yes” to opportunities because you never know where they may take you.”

EY provides more opportunities than ever imagined EY is certainly proving a well-matched and opportune career choice for Diana. “EY is definitely a fun and exciting place to work, and I’ve met some remarkably inspirational people along the way. EY has given me more opportunities and experiences than I could ever have imagined,” reinforces Diana whose career is truly soaring to great heights.

Building a better working world

Diana enjoys EY's constant focus on ensuring everything they undertake has purpose. An important part of Diana's work is building trust with her clients, understanding their needs and supporting related activity. "Purpose has become a critical part of the business agenda," explains Diana who knows that there's considerable research to substantiate that purposeful organisations outperform the rest.

Diana’s advice for job interviews with EY

“If women are looking for a varied and challenging career that’s actively supported, then EY could most certainly be of interest,” remarks Diana. “It’s important to be honest and be yourself during the interview process with EY because they’re really trying to find out exactly who you are and if you’ll be a great fit within the organisation. Job interviews of course provide an excellent opportunity for women to assess the employer’s offer and to ascertain if EY likewise may be a good fit for you. After all, it's not just a job that you’re entering you to, but the next part of an important career journey.”

New York career chapter set to soar

So Diana is enjoying her move to New York - and each day she’s courageously breathing in every new opportunity available to her.

Keen to explore where your own career could head with EY? Research EY’s many and varied job vacancies in Canberra and beyond and take tangible steps to accelerate your next impressive career chapter.

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