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DHLs Lindsay Bridges discusses logistics careers

DHL's Lindsay Bridges discusses logistics careers

 January 04, 2023

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DHL is committed to bringing in and developing talent across all areas of the business. Along with the focus on its people, DHL also invests in technology that will help its colleagues and its customers.

DHL Supply Chain's Global Head of HR, Lindsay Bridges, has worked as a DHL employee since 1994. She has enjoyed many roles across the Group, and has had opportunities to live in different countries throughout the world.

Here, she shares why she thinks DHL is a great company to work for and why she enjoys working with DHL Supply Chain.

DHL is a great place to work

Lindsay believes that DHL is a wonderful company to work for, with 220 countries and territories for 590 000 people, she questions why she would go anywhere else.

"I think we've got an amazing culture in our business. I think we're incredibly diverse, incredibly welcoming, and we really want to be an inclusive environment where everybody feels they can really bring their true selves to work every day," says Lindsay.

The rising value of a career in logistics

Although Lindsay knows that the Covid-19 pandemic was terrible, for her, there were some good things to come out of it.

"One of those things was just that rise in prominence and people's awareness of the importance of logistics as an industry, and I think we've benefited from that. We've been able to use that to attract candidates to come and join our business, and the opportunities are endless," explains Lindsay.

"It's not just about traditional warehousing and transport anymore, there are many roles and opportunities that you can have in our business," Lindsay adds.

Choosing a career in logistics

Lindsay thinks people don't really realize what the logistics industry is and how wide and varied it is, as well as how it touches so many people.

"You hear it in the news every day. We think about delivering things over the internet to come to our homes, that's all about logistics and supply chain, so I think it's really interesting to be part of something that really is so much bigger," comments Lindsay.

Jobs and roles within logistics are changing

DHL's jobs are changing tremendously. The company still employs drivers to drive trucks, but even that's more technically challenging than it ever was in the past.

"Of course we employ Pickers and Packers in warehouses, but they use digital technology every day to help them do their work better, safer, more efficiently and actually to get more fun too," Lindsay says.

"And then our back office areas there's a lot more jobs, jobs you would never have imagined existed in the past, Robotics Engineers for example. All of these mean it's a really interesting industry to get into," adds Lindsay.

If Lindsay could swap roles within DHL 

"I would love to swap roles and be the Manager of one of our Packaging Operations that specifically focuses on confectionery, because I'd love to eat chocolate all day long," Lindsay concludes.

Join a company with limitless opportunities to grow

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DHL offers a wide range of career opportunities and entry opportunities.

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