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Work for DHL Global Forwarding, an award-winner in its industry

Work for DHL Global Forwarding, an award-winner in its industry

 April 18, 2023

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DHL Global Forwarding comprises of forwarding experts with a global reach and local knowledge. No matter what the business needs are, the company understands what's important to its customers and its employees.

DHL Global Forwarding was recognized by the Business Excellence Award in Supply Chain and Logistics at the Westford Awards 2023. DHL Global Forwarding's Chief Executive Officer, Middle East and Africa, Amadou Diallo, received the Leadership Impact Award.

"Congratulations to our team for their hard work and dedication!," said DHL Global Forwarding.

An award-winner within its industry

By air, sea, road and rail, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight helps customers get anything where it needs to, when it needs to be there. The company is the world leader in Airfreight and the second in Ocean Freight services, but its real value lies in its ability to manage and connect every aspect of the journey to make life easy for its customers.

Honoring accomplishments and best practices

The Westford Awards celebrate and honor the accomplishments of corporations, start-ups, and individuals. The Awards strive to identify the contributions of individuals, groups, and institutions towards the creation of a dynamic socio-economic environment for future generations.

The awards ceremony is devoted to recognizing the accomplishments and best practices of those whose efforts have had a major influence within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The awards are designed to foster quality, innovation, and excellence as catalysts for continual development to support visionary projects and boost sustainability.

Promoting the commitment of outstanding enterprises

The Westford Awards are the UAE’s first-ever business and service excellence award initiative presented by a reputable business school. The awards promote and acknowledge the passion, commitment, and pertinacity that differentiates outstanding enterprises from their competitors. The Westford Awards provide a great way for companies to network with industry and business leaders, as well as influencers in the region. They boost organizational morale, experience a sense of accomplishment, and boost overall effectiveness within a company, as well as being a public acknowledgment of an organization's or an individual's efforts in the region to develop and flourish. The Awards also increase a company's market visibility by availing use of marketing and public relations prospects on various social media platforms, website content and newsletters.

Forge a successful career with an award-winning company

DHL is always exploring fresh ideas, and exciting new ways to extend its business in different directions.

With DHL Global Forwarding there are a wide variety of exciting jobs available.


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