Jayma Sandquist is Senior VP & CMO for John Deere Financial

Jayma Sandquist is Senior VP & CMO for John Deere Financial

 April 27, 2023

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By 2050, the world’s population could exceed nine billion people. That means 2.5 billion new mouths to feed.

And that, in turn, means we’ll have to produce more food and build and improve infrastructure to support this growth on roughly the same amount of land while using about the same amount of natural resources.

It will be, without question, a huge challenge. But John Deere fintech leader Jayma Sandquist sees an extraordinary opportunity.

John Deere employees are imagining and innovating breakthrough equipment solutions and technology that will advance lives and livelihoods in a rapidly growing world,” says Jayma. "And at John Deere Financial, our teams are connecting with this technology, using critical data and insights to deliver financial solutions for customers to unlock new value from the field to the job site."

An impressive leadership career at John Deere 

Jayma is Senior Vice President, U.S. & Canada, and Chief Marketing Officer for John Deere Financial. John Deere Financial, or JDF as it’s known, provides personalized financial solutions for customers and dealers, so they can finance the equipment solutions, parts, and service needed to achieve success. Jayma manages a product portfolio in the U.S. and Canada of $42 billion in assets and is responsible for marketing functions globally.

A propensity for problem-solving

“When I was young and trying to decide what career path to take in business, I wasn’t sure where to go with a math and computer science background,” explains Jayma. “I certainly didn't know how those skills would translate to the business world. Solving problems, however, always appealed to me and I learned very quickly that our customers were relying on Deere to do just that." 

An inspirational leader with industry knowledge  

But Jayma, according to colleagues, is much more than a problem solver. 

“Jayma is an inspirational leader who has exceptional command of the requirements necessary to manage a successful financial services company,” adds JDF Chief Credit Officer, Joel Van Vark. “Her extensive knowledge of the industry, passion for our people, and broad knowledge has enabled her to truly become an expert in the equipment financing industry.”

Leading by example as an award-winning expert

Jayma's expertise, experience, and leadership in financial technology – or fintech – has firmly established her as a top leader at John Deere. And her skillset, the one she was unsure about so many years ago, is now garnering accolades throughout the industry. Jayma was named one of the top-50 women in equipment finance by Monitor magazine.

“I was surprised by this honor. To have someone else recognize your work and then nominate you is very humbling. As you gain experience, you reflect on your career and think about it differently. Today, I lead a business and get to support customers in agriculture and construction, folks that are so important to our world, and I think that's what's made it a very satisfying career," comments Jayma.

Mentoring the next generation of female leaders

Jayma is also known for her dedication to mentoring the next generation of female leaders.

“You know what I appreciate most about Jayma’s mentorship? Her candor and sincerity. While I never doubted that Jayma was an advocate for me, she pushed me, challenged me, and pointed out areas where I could improve. She’s exceptional at making you self-reflect," says John Deere’s Ag & Turf division Sales Analytics Manager, Allison Young. 

For Allison, representation matters. And having a strong female mentor helps cultivate an even stronger workplace culture where every voice matters, and great ideas thrive.

“Jayma cares so deeply about others, which is reflective in her mentoring. Strong female mentors remind us that women belong and our contributions matter. Jayma and female leaders have paved a path for the next generation and it’s up to them to keep forging the path, making it more accessible for all women to achieve success," adds Allison. 

Bringing ambitious new strategies to life 

Jayma is focused on bringing JDF’s ambitious new strategy to life – a strategy Jayma believes will strengthen the company’s fintech leadership, unlock greater value for customers, and provide personalized financial solutions so life can leap forward.

“I’m very proud of our strategy and where we're headed as a company. And I think our employees feel that way, too. They know it’s ambitious, and they know it will take a lot of work to bring our vision to life. But they believe in it, they’re engaged, and they’re committed to customer success. There are extraordinary opportunities and a great energy at JDF, and I’m so proud to be part of it.” adds Jayma. 

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