NTU spotlights Biomedical Engineering student Yumna

NTU spotlights Biomedical Engineering student Yumna

 June 23, 2023

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Women working at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) are helping to create the university of the future

A career at NTU means actively contributing to student learning experiences and helping them to excel in their future. 

Supporting the many talented engineering students at NTU can certainly provide for a very rewarding career. These student innovators are studying impactful industries that make a real difference to people's lives and society - and engineering is a key area.

Challenging existing stereotypes about women in engineering

For International Women In Engineering Day (INWED), NTU shared insights from Biomedical Engineering student Yumna.

Studying at the School of Science and Technology, Yumna is flourishing in an inspiring, innovative, and multidisciplinary environment that boasts some of the best facilities in the country.

"My favorite part about being a woman in engineering is that it challenges an existing stereotype and preconception around what someone that looks like me would otherwise be studying. I love that it surprises people," says Yumna.

Support the next generation of engineers at NTU

NTU has a culture that weaves together the ambition of the university with the aspirations of the individual. A place that empowers employees and rewards collaboration, while creating a lasting impact on the next generation of innovators.

Discover the many exciting academic career paths at NTU.


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