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Diageo Marketing Director highlights gender equity focus

Diageo Marketing Director highlights gender equity focus

 August 15, 2023

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Meet Úrsula Mejia-Melgar, Marketing Director for Diageo Southern Europe. 

Úrsula observes first hand how Diageo's brands champion the company's commitment to gender equity, with its marketing continuing to challenge stereotypes and celebrate diversity.

A platform for voice and visibility 

"Equity is very important because it allows us to recognise the differences between people and equip them in a way that they can thrive, in a way that it fufills their talents," shares Úrsula. 

"Regardless of where we sit or what we do, we have the opportunity of hiring women, of developing women, of being advocates and mentors. I love to talk about brands being platforms for voice and visibility, for social problematics, for different group cohorts."

Working on transgender acceptance

Discussing Diageo's J&B's She campaign, Úrsula says: "J&B is a whisky brand that is very well known in Spain. We wanted to reinstate the brand in its own purpose of owning celebrations. It's a beautiful piece that depicts a transgender woman showing up as herself thanks to her grandfather. And that in itself is very powerful. I don't think it's starting to necessarily solve the issue of transgender acceptance, but I think it got the topic out of the closet, and it's making people not so uncomfortable talking about it and recognising it."

Diageo promotes an inclusive workplace 

Looking to work in an inclusive and diverse environment?

Diageo is committed to championing gender equity. 

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