Capgemini's Mandine discusses a team culture of camaraderie

 October 04, 2023

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Discover how Mandine, an engagement manager and rugby player, has embraced Capgemini’s culture of camaraderie and teamwork. From serving as captain of an all-employee women’s rugby team to fostering collaboration amongst her colleagues, she embraces team spirit – both on and off the field.

Promoting women at Capgemini 

I started playing rugby when I was 19, and I played for a bit more than 10 years," shares Mandine.

"Capgemini is one of the biggest sponsors of Rugby World Cup. We had some ideas to promote women at Capgemini linked to the World Cup - we thought that the best idea to link the two was to create some women rugby teams. We wanted people being able to join us whatever their skill in rugby to discover something new to get along with other people."

Capgemini's culture is full of energy 

"If I had to describe the culture at Capgemini I would say it's quite like a rugby team. It's full of energy, and you're surrounded by people who help you to move forward," shares Mandine. 

"You have the same spirit in making sure we have to work together, makes me feel more grounded, it makes me want to evolve in this environment and to ask myself what I want to do later."

Capgemini has a culture of camadarie and teamwork 

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