Sakshi Agarwal says Capgemini champions a vibrant workforce

 February 26, 2024

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Looking to rewrite the future via a rewarding career in a diverse and inclusive workplace?

Capgemini Senior Consultant, Sakshi Agarwal, works with Capgemini India's diversity and inclusion team. Here, Sakshi sheds light on how Capgemini champions a vibrant and inclusive workforce as a crucial part of its identity and success.

Embedding diversity and inclusion through five pillars

With an unwavering commitment, Capgemini has embedded diversity and inclusion as a business imperative.

"As a leading global organization, Capgemini has long held the belief that a vibrant, diverse workforce and an inclusive culture are fundamental to its identity and success, bringing more creativity and distinctive ideas to the table," explains Sakshi.

Equal growth opportunities to achieve career aspirations

In Sakshi's Capgemini role as Senior Consultant in Capgemini India's diversity and inclusion team, she manages projects such as DNI Key Performance Indicators, women's development, advancement programs, and Employee Resource Groups.

"At Capgemini, building a diverse and inclusive environment is not an option, it is a business imperative, and we accelerate this objective through five key pillars: WinspirE, OUTFront, Embracing abilities, Multiculturalism, and Happiness and well-being," says Sakshi.

"Our WinspirE program provides equal growth opportunities and favourable working conditions for all colleagues, enabling our women colleagues to achieve their career aspirations and organizational milestones."

Benefiting from a diverse mix of cultures

Capgemini's OUTFront Network ensures that the company's LGBTQ+ employees can bring their whole selves to work and realize their full potential in their Capgemini career.

The company also proactively seeks and reviews applications from persons with disability for different job roles. As a strongly non-hierarchical business in more than 50 countries, Capgemini benefits from a truly diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities.

"To overcome any associated biases that may come with such a multicultural organization, we regularly conduct awareness and sensitization workshops to support our colleagues in overcoming their self-limiting beliefs and truly creating a culture where everybody is welcome and respected," explains Sakshi.

Commitment to fostering employee well-being

Capgemini's outreach encompasses initiatives that help foster well-being in its various forms, including physical, emotional, economic, social and community well-being.

"At Capgemini we celebrate diversity in all its forms. Whatever your origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability or religion, there will be an opportunity for you to thrive," comments Sakshi.

"Get the future you want at Capgemini," encourages Sakshi.

Get the future you want at Capgemini

By having a diverse workforce that represents society, and by fostering an inclusive culture, Capgemini builds a place where its people can truly thrive.

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