Claire Dowsett's brilliant Schneider Electric career

 March 01, 2017

Claire Dowsett’s career has seen her work on a variety of exciting and innovative projects in the fast growing Energy Sector. Here she explains why she chose Schneider Electric, and how this diverse company has helped her grow into the professional she is today.

1. Claire's role with Schneider Electric

I currently have the pleasure of working as a Client Manager in the Energy Supply & Sustainability division within SE. I manage a portfolio of clients ranging from SME to International companies. My main focus is to provide continual up-to-date advice and management of their energy procurement and sustainability requirements, this includes market information, demand and supply opportunities as well as legislative compliance.

2. Claire's career journey milestones and key highlights 

I began working in the industry over twenty years ago and started my career after college as an Analytical Assistant. This position suited me very well whilst my children were small, but as soon as they reached school age, I was quickly promoted to Trainee Analyst, then Senior Analyst and Team Leader, as at this point in my life I felt I had more time for the commitment these roles required. My current Client Manager role suits me perfectly as it constantly challenges me and pushes my knowledge in so many areas, it also allows me to have one on one relationships with my clients and to travel.

The amusing highlights along the way have included reading client meter readings in a basement full of water in my wellies, wearing High Visibility jackets that are two sizes too big and undoubtedly learning to adapt to situations quickly. On a serious note, it has been important throughout my career to ensure there is a good work life balance and I think finding the right employer to understand your needs as well as their own is paramount to success.

3. What exciting projects have you worked on and what impact did they have?

One of my main focuses at present is to ensure my SME client base is aware of the ever changing energy market, especially in the UK. So I have been pleased to be part of the innovative ESS Energy Lifecycle product range which allows the SME clients in our portfolio to become more involved and informed about the opportunities for sustainability and the cost reductions available. The ESS Offer provides innovation, a link between demand and supply and ultimately pro-active solutions – which is what we all want to work towards for our clients!

4.  What do you most enjoy about your role and why?

I love my current role because it constantly challenges me, I am part of a knowledgeable, interactive team that constantly share experiences and have a supportive manager that fuels my desire to do a great job for my clients and promote our sector internally. The role is also very diverse, I have to think on my feet, react quickly and be proactive, I also get to build strong relationships with clients and internal operations as well as plan my own day to a great extent. It is very rare that I am not smiling at work!

5. Why Schneider Electric?

SE is a truly innovative place to work, it is fast paced and passionate about its customers. Employees are also constantly nurtured and encouraged to think outside the box, whether that be enhancing your role, moving into different fields within SE or simply being supported with Wellbeing, Diversity, Learning and Development. The great management structure allows you to find your talents but also stretches you to grow, you get back what you put in.

6. What comments or insight might you have for women working in your sector - or graduates exploring a career pathway in the sector?

The Energy Sector is a growing industry, it has seen many changes over the last few years, but it is fast paced, there is always something new to learn and explore and there are so many areas for you to go down, it really allows you to have a career where you can pick your focuses according to your interests and diversify accordingly. The Client Management role requires a good balance of client interaction and industry knowledge, so if you a people person who likes to constantly learn new things and move with change, then this is worth some time researching.

7. How does Claire describe herself as a person?

I am a complete dog lover, I currently have two rescue Staffordshire Bull Terriers, one of which has been nominated to act as Ambassador for Dogs Trust to showcase his breed; I like to get involved with charities and also sponsor Dogs Trust events. I occasionally take a day off work from SE to work alongside my mother for the RSPCA as well – I love meeting and interacting with a range of different people. Aside from this I am a proud Dumbbell Warrior which means I take part in an all women fitness regime which aims to build strength and stamina through weights, rowing and cardio exercises and believe me every class I complete gives me a great sense of achievement!

8. What's her passion?

Within the SE community I am passionate about Wellbeing, so I will shortly be joining the committee that promotes this within SE. I am also an active member of our One Voice commitment, this ensures all employees within the SE community are heard and many great actions come out of this on-going workshop. Finally I also enjoy being part of an internal Nexus group to help improve certain areas of our business and again this promotes strong employee interaction and continues to ensure excellence is met through our work.

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