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No day is the same for AECOMs Bridget Ssamula

No day is the same for AECOM's Bridget Ssamula

 June 14, 2017

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Meet Bridget Ssamula. Bridget is in charge of growing the AECOM portfolio of projects in Uganda, and also the aviation and rail business for the whole of the African region.

Bridget realised a career in engineering was for her when at the tender age of 7, she enjoyed in her playtime breaking and modifying wrist watches and tea flasks!

"I realised that my destructive and constructive behaviour had a career path called engineering, where it was safe to build, construct and modify," she says.

Women enjoy exciting and varied careers at AECOM

With no day the same in her role at AECOM, Bridget enjoys the versatility of her job. She also appreciates that there are so many systems and processes and resources that work to make this global engineering business thrive and grow.

"AECOM has a force of over 95,000 people behind them. It is so versatile, no day is the same. It is a truly global entity," she exclaims.

With many proud achievements to date, Bridget was involved in trying to format and bring alive the aerotropolis city concept to a bucket list destination; Cape Town in South Africa. 

"I thrive on looking at the road less travelled. I do not set boundaries or ceilings to what I can achieve. I come from a little known country in east Africa called Uganda, famous for Idd amin and the source of the River Nile, but both my grandfathers were principals. My paternal grandfather has a degree in the 1950’s. Both my parents are doctors, so the bar has always been set quite high. Education breaks barriers,"

"Professionally I am very driven, ambitious and work hard. I rarely say things can’t be done, I will always find a way - a lot like water. On a personal note, I'm quite the extrovert and will always have a meal ready when a guest comes knocking!"

Society's perception of engineering needs to change

"Engineering perception is not the problem - it is society’s perception of engineering. We would like to be perceived as Innovators who solve the people’s problems on a daily basis,"

"By showcasing more women who are engineers and are juggling it all (the discipline has changed greatly with innovation and technology), some of the barriers can be overcome. Except site visits, those have to be done in person,"

Considering a career in engineering?

When asked for advice for women hoping to work at AECOM, Bridget said:

"Take up roles and responsibilities that are out of your comfort zone, spend 6 months on site and get over the fear of it. There are so many paths in AECOM, that can allow women to grow and thrive in their areas of interest,"

"Find an area to specialise in, get proper career guidance and don’t be too scared to ask questions relating to the practicalities of operating in that area as a female, mother and or partner,"

Bridget sticks by her motto "Whatever you do, do it well. Your work ethic goes a long way in establishing strong career relationships,"

"The efforts companies are making to accommodate diversity in the engineering sector are commendable. We were only 9 females in a class of 75 when I studied engineering, and are even fewer today left practising in the sector,"

Women wanting an exciting career should consider AECOM

There has never been a better time for talented women to join AECOM - exciting jobs, amazing projects globally, excellent support for women's careers, flexible working, superb role models and support groups. Why not take a look at these current vacancies?

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