Many talented women are recruited into great careers at Vodafone

Meet women thriving in their careers at Vodafone

Women at Vodafone are furnished with amazing opportunities to thrive in their careers - from apprentices like Laura right at the very start of their journey, to senior women returners like Karin seeking reintegration back into the professional world. Read about four talented women who are breaking ground at Vodafone every single day.

Graduate Emine quickly learnt there are many career pathways at Vodafone

Vodafone graduate rotation programme

Following graduation, Emine wasn't entirely sure where she wanted to start her career journey so she applied to the Vodafone scheme based on the rotational structure, with the hope of being exposed to a number of different roles. Not only was she introduced to her exciting role, but she also learnt about many further career options via Vodafone's extensive Graduate community.

Her first rotation as a Project Manager within Complex Customer Solutions Delivery drew upon her background in Business Management and Marketing - and involved working on delivering bespoke products to Vodafone’s enterprise customers. In her second graduate rotation, she focused on a Strategy and Innovation Engineer role as part of the System Architecture team. In addition to her Project Management responsibilities, Emine has particularly enjoyed the Teach First Insight Days and as well as the Women in Technology events.

Apprentice, Laura, starts her career journey with Vodafone

Vodafone careers jobs

Laura is a higher technology apprentice at Vodafone. After realising university wasn’t for her, Laura decided to look for an apprenticeship. She wanted to kick-start her career and gain valuable qualifications at the same time, so Vodafone’s apprenticeship programme offered her the best of both worlds.

“I’ve always wanted to work for Vodafone!” says Laura. “Working for a fantastic company with a large reputation is a pretty impressive thing to say.”

Laura is particularly excited by the way that technology is changing all the time and how Vodafone is at the forefront.

Work life at Vodafone is busy for Laura. She loves the team that she works with and says that they’ve made her career experience amazing. On a daily basis Laura helps to deliver projects and talks to external providers. She also has many other jobs throughout the day, which she manages around completing university work and travelling to Bracknell once a week to see her mentor.

Legal-eagle Natalia enjoys outstanding career progression

Vodafone women in legal careers

Natalia Castro is part of the products and services legal team in London. She has worked with Vodafone for a number of years and says that every day at Vodafone is more exciting than the day before. “I’m constantly learning and surrounded by the most talented people,” remarks Natalia who studied a double degree in Law and Business Management in Madrid and has always dreamed of living abroad. She was granted an internship at the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg before landing her job at Vodafone.

Natalia started her career at Vodafone as an intern in the roaming legal team in Luxembourg and then permanently joined the team six months later.

“Back then, my English wasn’t very polished, especially with my Spanish accent, and my knowledge in law was limited to the Spanish jurisdiction. However, my line manager at the time believed in my potential and gave me a great opportunity that changed my life for good,” explains Natalia.

It wasn’t long before Natalia was offered the opportunity to participate in the Vodafone international assignment programme. She joined the Vodafone Malta legal team for a month and got to learn about a different area of the business, which expanded her network. This experience made her realise that she was ready for a new challenge in her career.

After three years in roaming, Natalia wanted to explore other areas of the business and gain more international experience by living in a different country. Thanks to being part of an international company obsessed with developing talent, before she knew it, Natalia was packing up her apartment in Luxembourg and moving to the big city of London.

“If you like to push yourself out of your comfort zone, being part of an international community and working in an innovation-focused company, Vodafone is the place for you,” suggests Natalia.

Teri pairs work-life balance with her career ambitions

Vodafone credit controller

“There have been two stages to my Vodafone career so far: pre-baby and post-baby,” says head of credit and collections, Teri. “My pre-baby career began 16 years ago. I actually joined as a temp, before earning a full-time role with the credit control team. I was seven months pregnant when they decided to promote me to team manager. It was a little unexpected - I was just about to go on maternity leave, so it was a bit of a leap of faith on the company’s part.”

A couple of years after returning to work and enjoying her senior role, Teri was offered the position of operations manager in the Banbury & Newark office. “It was quite a change from my previous remit, as I was suddenly working with both corporate and SME customers,” explains Teri. As Teri is someone who thrives on variety, within six years she was ready to try something different. Over the next few years, Teri worked in several different roles, all in different areas of credit. And her varied experience with Vodafone paved the way for her current position as head of credit, managing call centre teams across Manchester, Newark and Stoke.

As a senior manager, Teri is responsible for over 200 people. She typically racks up about 4,000 miles a month in the car, and has her fair share of early starts and late finishes. But it balances out well for Teri. “I’m free to manage my own diary, and because the role is so flexible, I’m able to work a day or two from home here or there and to catch up on family life. That’s something Vodafone do really well - work-life balance.”

“Who knows where my career will take me next, one thing you quickly grasp working at Vodafone, though, is that they’ll invest in you - look at me and my maternity leave, for example. If you’re committed to the company and put the effort in, you’ll see that commitment paid right back to you.”

Karin’s return to work was effortless via Vodafone ReConnect

Vodafone reconnect recruitment - women returners

Karin Meurk Harvey joined Vodafone via ReConnect, Vodafone’s recruitment programme for people looking to return to work after a career break. “On my first day, a senior business HR partner came to meet me in the lobby, stayed with me the whole day and made me feel very welcome. I’ve now been at Vodafone for a year and six months, and I feel like I never left the corporate world,” says Karin.

Karin believes that taking a career break, whether it’s to look after loved ones, or to do something different - like running a consultancy company, in her case - really enhances experience and character.

“There are many similarities between managing a family and managing a team,” says Karin. “You have to be very organised and you quickly learn how to motivate others. And as everybody who has children knows, it for sure teaches you conflict management.”

What’s so exciting about Karin’s role is that she’s doing something different every day.

“My days are a mixture of customer activities, stakeholder management, strategy and commercial innovation, and line management responsibilities,” describes Karin. “I work in a global organisation, and that means I have team members working in different locations around the world. As long as people are available and accessible when they need to be, and they deliver what they committed to deliver, it works. My team is customer obsessed with a fast pace and a ‘can do’ attitude. It’s a two-way street, you have to trust your employees and give them the freedom to do the job you want them to do.”

As head of IoT commercial, Karin spoke at the kick-off event Step into STEM - a Vodafone-supported mentoring programme run by Girls Talk London for girls interested in STEM careers. Karin is particularly passionate about getting more girls into STEM education and STEM professions, and loves the fact that Vodafone is so active in this area.

Vodafone is a truly global organisation, and many programmes are also run globally. Through the ‘Code like a Girl’ programme, Vodafone is providing free coding workshops to 1,000 girls across 26 countries. Vodafone is working to support women in every stage of their professional life, and that’s very important to Karin.

“It’s important that employers treat returners as equal to their co-workers and colleagues. We’re every bit as capable and competent - what matters is that we’re respected and listened to, the same as the people we work with. Just because you’ve taken a break from the corporate world doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your competence or forgotten your experience - rather, you’ve added to it,”offers Karin.

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