MetLife's Jessica Moser discusses small business with Ramon Ray

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Jessica Moser at MetLife chats small business with Ramon Ray

Jessica Moser at MetLife chats small business with Ramon Ray

Jessica Moser, senior vice president, Small Business Solutions at MetLife recently sat down with the ever-popular entrepreneur and keynote speaker, Ramon Ray, to discuss a range of issues impacting small business in the US, basing their interview on a survey done in partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce that focuses on the small business economy. Jessica shared her insights on why small businesses are growing, why business owners are optimistic, and her views on the marketplace outlook.

Employees should feel valued at work

Jessica discussed why the number of small businesses are growing in America and she pointed out that employees are generally more loyal to companies which allow them to manage their life both in and out of work.

“More and more employees are looking for a human connection in their workplace - and this is a reflection of how important it is for employees to feel valued at work and to feel that their values will be reflected in the workplace. 70% of employees want their employer to provide financial compensation and to be a good corporate citizen,” commented Jessica. 

She continued to add further points such as that smaller businesses tend to be more nimble and flexible, and they often create a shorter path to that human connection that employees are seeking.

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