Women working on NSW Government’s digital strategy via projects forging greater engagement between government agencies and public

Katarina works on exciting high profile digital projects at DFSI

Katarina works on exciting high profile digital projects at DFSI

Greater engagement between government agencies and the public is driving the NSW Government’s digital strategy.

The future of digital is a future where government agencies work together around customer and citizen journeys. Katarina Ruszczyk, director of digital government at the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) is actively involved in the work, and always ensures she puts the people at the heart of her work.

Putting people first

Katarina is a public policy specialist with over 15 years experience in policy development in federal, state and local government. She specialises in applying human-centred design to traditional policy development processes to better solve policy problems. She helped deliver the whole of NSW Government Digital Government Strategy and now leads a high-performing multi-disciplinary team to implement the digital transformation of the NSW Public Sector.

"I am interested in disrupting and improving systematic processes in leading public sector organisations to better meet the needs of the citizens they serve," comments Katarina.

"As policy developers or decision makers very often we make decisions because we don’t have access to all that evidence, and the evidence is coming from the voice of customers.”

A recent digital solution, aimed at reducing paperwork burden, will see 140,000 parents across NSW able to enrol their children in school online by the end of the year, Ms Ruszczyk said.

Great opportunities for women at DFSI

DFSI offers a wide range of opportunities for women in the industry. DFSI has set an ambitious, yet achievable, target of exceeding the NSW Premier’s priority of women occupying 50 per cent of senior leadership roles by 2025. Key to achieving this are programs like Future Female Leaders, established and run by DFSI employees such as Robyn Keegan, who is developing and implementing initiatives to increase the representation of women in senior leadership roles.

Join talented women like Katarina at DFSI

DFSI offers a wide selection of career paths to capable individuals and is constantly looking for employees who share their values and who are as diverse as the community they serve. Find out more about their current openings now.

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