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AECOM celebrated as Family-Friendly workplace by Marie Claire

AECOM celebrated as Family-Friendly workplace by Marie Claire

 July 16, 2019

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AECOM Australia has won Marie Claire's Family-Friendly Award that recognises a business dedicated to making the daily work/life/family juggle easier with flexible working hours or generous parental leave policies. 

The Award is part of Marie Claire's wider Glass Ceiling Awards, which celebrates the achievements of Australian individuals and companies who, like AECOM, are championing gender equality in their respective industries and smashing out-dated ideas that restrict women in the workplace.

AECOM Glass Ceiling Awards

AECOM is a pioneer in workplace flexibility

Marie Claire believes that AECOM is leading that way in workplace flexibility. In Australia AECOM has officially abolished start and finish times as a part of their FlexWorks initiative which encourages employees to choose their hours, work from home and work to their own schedule. AECOM employees also have access to part-time work, job sharing and the ability to purchase additional leave.

“Our approach to flexible work recognises the realities of the 21st-century workplace, where ‘hours at a desk’ aren’t the true indicator of value or contribution,” says AECOM's mission statement.

AECOM Australia also gives paid parental leave to both primary and secondary carers and helps employees find childcare.

Enjoy flexible working at an award-winning company

AECOM is always looking for talented and ambitious women to join its team.

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