Capgemini UK has a unique Work Life Harmony policy

Capgemini UK has a unique Work Life Harmony policy

 August 20, 2019

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Employees working at Capgemini UK are able to enjoy careers that can work well with their home lives and responsibilities. Capgemini UK’s Active Inclusion programme has a unique approach to flexible working, driven by the leadership team. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, and a vision ‘to be a truly diverse and inclusive organisation, where everybody feels valued, included and empowered’, flexible working is naturally a core part of the Capgemini strategy.

Transforming the way we live and work for the better 

Capgemini believes technology has transformed the way we live, so why not the way we work? That’s why the company's policy on Work Life Harmony enables employees to consider their own personal situations to a greater degree.

Capgemini UK HR Director Frances Duffy says: “Our employees have extremely varied home lives, responsibilities and outlooks. Every employee is juggling unique demands; we cannot expect one, rigid work routine to suit everyone."

In fact, some employees even adopt to use a special email signature block that informs email recipients that "We work flexibly at Capgemini UK and emailing you at this time suits my schedule today. I respect your choice outside of working hours and don't expect a response outside of them."

Capgemini email signature flexible working

Feeling healthy, supported and motivated at Capgemini every day 

While striking a work-life balance means different things to different people, Capgemini knows that ultimately it is essential to feeling healthy, supported and motivated each day. The company's approach to flexible working reflects both the way its people want to work and Capgemini’s values.

Capgemini's actions to help its employees enjoy a better work-life balance include:

  • introducing new flexible working policies
  • sharing employee stories on the benefits of flexible working
  • training senior leaders in unconscious bias and inclusion
  • engaging with clients around flexible options onsite

The company also has a Family Friendly Approach, and the above points are just a few of the many benefits to be enjoyed by working with Capgemini UK.

Further your career with Capgemini

If you like the sound of working in a flexible environment on projects that challenge and excite you, why not consider Capgemini for your next career move?

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