GSK Global Commercial Lead Anjana works on life-saving vaccines to help improve global health

GSK's Anjana builds a culture of engagement and empowerment

Anjana is Global Commercial Lead at GSK. Outside work, she's the ‘team mom’ for the RICE club (Removing Illiteracy through Collective Education), which was founded by her son at his school. This educates the local community about illiteracy and fundraises for schools running on $1/day in India.

Below, Anyana explains how she brings her passion for helping others to her career at GSK, where she works on life-saving vaccines to help improve global health.

What’s the best thing about working at GSK?

I work with brilliant people genuinely interested in ensuring that life-saving vaccines are made available to those who need them the most, regardless of their economic status. This is done with the utmost integrity and respect for people.

What are your career highlights?

Leading the pneumococcal franchise, I’ve set the vision for long-term growth. As a key contributor to vaccines transformation, I’ve helped build a culture of engagement, empowerment and decisive leadership. It’s been exciting being part of this journey and helping our teams implement and embed the required changes.

How has GSK supported your development?

I was given an opportunity to train as a facilitator for the Leading Delivery programme, which coaches senior managers to be better leaders. I’m happy to be a change agent to bring transformation to the way we do things in our organisation. I’m now looking forward to the Leading Business programme, which will further develop my enterprise leadership skills.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining GSK?

You’ll be able to develop critical business skills and be proud of the contribution you make to the health of others.

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