Capgemini podcast explores gender stereotypes in technology

Capgemini podcast explores gender stereotypes in technology

 March 11, 2021

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Capgemini employees Carmel Gilmore, Vice President and Head of SAP, and Chantel Townsend, Agile Coach, are leaders in North America who have overcome gender stereotypes and navigated their careers in the world of tech.

Sharing how they overcome barriers to success

In a Capgemini podcast, Carmel and Chantel talk about making it big in the industry while overcoming barriers of unconscious bias and gender stereotypes.

In this episode, brought to listeners by Capgemini's North America Women LEAD Employee Resource Group, they share how confidence is key in becoming a leader and owning the room.

"Everywhere you look today, there are females in the tech industry. But you've got to push. You've got to push, you've still got to ask for that role," says Carmel.

Chantel agrees: "Confidence leads the way, it opens doors. To your point, most men are tapped on the shoulders of promotions. But that still doesn't say they'll keep the doors from being open for us."

"We have to push through, we have to let them know we have a voice and we're out there and we have a major offering to come to the table with," she adds.

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Join an inclusive company 

Capgemini is proud of its wide cultural of active inclusion. The company regularly reviews its recruitment and working practices to identify the steps Capgemini needs to take to continue attracting and retaining the most diverse workforce possible. 

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