Capgemini knows gender neutral language can build bridges

Capgemini knows gender neutral language can build bridges

 June 20, 2023

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Capgemini knows that by having a diverse workforce that represents society, and by fostering an inclusive culture, the company is building a place where its people can thrive. As such, the inclusive employer has engagedin a raft of activity to celebrate Pride Month. 

Gender-neutral language can build bridges 

As part of its Pride Progress series, Capgemini highlights that in order to foster an inclusive workplace, people must be mindful of how they communicate with each other. In order to educate and create awareness, Capgemini shared a video on how the use of gender-neutral language can build bridges. The video highlights that managers are less likely to contact an applicant with 'they-them' pronouns, with 80 per cent of non-binary people believing that identifying as such hurts their job search. 

Capgemini says: "To foster the power of a diverse workforce, we are building an open culture of respect for 'her', 'him', 'them'. With the freedom to express our true selves, and pronouns, let's use language to help build bridges, and embrace our authentic selves."

An engaging panel discuissing the history of Pride 

Capgemini also hosted a Pride in Progress panel, which focused on: the history of Pride and LGBT+ rights, company progress in LGBT+ inclusion and perspectives from a workplace, non-profit, and academic point of view.

Speakers included Capgemini Group Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer Shobha Meera, HEC Paris Business School Associate Professor Matteo Winkler, and Stonewall Global Partnerships Manager Ted Lavis Coward.


Taking Pride in Progress every day, OUTfront, Capgemini's award-winning global employee network, shapes positive futures for the planet, people and society. Capgemini's Employee Resource Group (ERG) reflecte don its year-long efforts for LGBT+ inclusion including: 

  • LGBT travel guidance updates
  • UK's progressive primary parent and partner leave policies
  • Australia's Career Relaunch Program
  • USA's inclusive insurance and transition guide
  • India's recognition of third gender category 
  • LGBT+ awareness training
  • Unconscious bias learning pathway
  • Awareness session on SpeakUp (ethics helpline)
  • Trans Day of Visibility webinar
  • Australia's Pride in Practice event 

Colleagues from around the world also marched for Pride, including those from Utrecht, Sydney, India, Auckland, and Tokyo. 

Award-winning inclusion 

Capgemini also listed its myriad of inclusion accolades accumulated over the past year, such as Stonewall Global Employer Silver 2022, Australian LGBTQ Inclusion Awards, Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality, and EDGE Workplace Gender Equity

The company has also held Inclusion Circles, which encourage open conversations for an inclusive future. The circles engage small groups on big ideas to share knowledge, facilitate discussion and drive change. 

Equality is non-negotiable at Capgemini 

Capgemini is committed to creating an environment where every employee feels comfortable being themselves, their uniqueness is celebrated, and they can focus on contributing with the best ideas. It makes focused efforts to ensure it adapts to the culture of LGBT+ inclusion.

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