International Womens Day sees Capgemini call for an equal world

International Women's Day sees Capgemini call for an equal world

 March 10, 2020

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In line with International Women's Day #EachforEqual campaign, Capgemini UK asked everyone – regardless of their gender identity – to actively choose to challenge stereotypes and broaden perceptions for a more equal world.

Capgemini also called for people to break down gender stereotypes and biases in their business, and shared an official IWD Influencer Statement from Aiman Ezzat, Capgemini's Chief Operating Officer.

Capgemini UK IWD

Capgemini Senior Engagement Manager Nicola Hodkinson supported the #EachforEqual campaign by sharing her experiences of working for the company and how Capgemini set out to create a more equal workplace.

The best teams are the most diverse ones

For Nicola, the best teams are made up of different personalities, characteristics and drivers.

"For companies to continue to grow and succeed, they need to draw from the full talent pool and it's vital that they employ a healthy mix of employees of different gender, age, ethnicity and social backgrounds, we need this mix within our businesses to continue to drive creativity and innovation forward," she explains.

"I am not sure how Capgemini do it but the people they employ are all of a similar nature, character and determination, with everyone being true to the core values that permeate throughout the company. I have always had the pleasure of working with some amazing individuals, being mentored by some truly inspirational people and being surrounded on a daily basis with liked minded people who bring out the best in you," she adds.

"I believe that the right opportunities always present themselves at the right time and that you should trust your feelings. Mine have taken me to where I am right now and are opening the door for many more opportunities in the future. I'm a very firm believer in doing what feels right and trusting your gut!"

Nicola Capgemini

Given opportunities for progression

Nicola has always been encouraged and motivated to challenge herself and she has been given amazing opportunities at Capgemini for progression, activated by her personal drive and ambition to grow and to continue to achieve.

"Capgemini will work with you to achieve your goals, it will challenge you, broaden your mind, teach you new skills and techniques. If you want to learn and become the best that you can be, it's an amazing place to work!" she adds.

"#EachforEqual is the need of the hour and every person and organisation should follow it to create thriving workplaces and profitable businesses."

Join talented women like Nicola at Capgemini

At Capgemini UK, all employees are encouraged to work towards active inclusion both at work and in their daily lives.

If you want to work for a progressive prime employersearch and apply for a job with Capgemeni UK.


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