Capgemini apprentice Priyal Bhanderi chooses to challenge

Capgemini apprentice Priyal Bhanderi chooses to challenge

 March 04, 2021

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Priyal Bhanderi is a degree apprentice at Capgemini.

While studying for an honours degree in Digital and Technological Solutions, Priyal's role within Capgemini is as a Business Analyst. As part of this role, she captures requirements from the client and relays them back to the development team so their business needs are met and manage important stakeholders.

"Coming from the Asian community where university is the most ‘accepted’ path to further education, it was a tough decision to break the norms. Furthermore, my preconceptions of the field were that it was male-dominated, making me a little nervous at the beginning. I felt like I would be in teams where I would be the only female," she says

"However, the initial judgements I had were false. Although some of my teams have had more men, I have worked with very empowering and knowledgeable women. Therefore, #ChooseToChallenge to me means challenging stereotypes, especially when they are outdated and not a true reflection of reality."

Giving back to the next generation through outreach

Capgemini encourages everyone to give back, in different ways.

Degree Apprenticeships only came to Priyal's attention during sixth form when members of Capgemini visited to explain what they are and why it is a viable alternative to university.

As a way to pay this forward to the current generation of school students, Priyal takes part in many outreaches to schools like Ark Academy to explain apprenticeships and the experiences she has had in her journey so far.

She has also been part of a panel when Capgemini was Highly Commended in the Recruitment category of Business in the Community’s Race Equality Awards; spoken at conferences to bring awareness of apprenticeships to entrepreneurs and employers; and featured in The Guardian (“Financial freedom and a university education”) to explain the value of apprenticeships to individuals and businesses.

Sharing important advice for young people and women

For young people looking to join Capgemini, Priyal recommends it as a great business to kick-start their careers.

"It’s an opportunity to get exposure to the best people in the field, learning first-hand from them, and seeking their guidance to further develop yourself and your skillset," she adds.

Priyal has found that members are really supportive and keen to hear innovative ideas that Capgemini apprentices suggest to them and the clients.

And her advice to women: "Although the industry is still male-dominated, there is still a need for us as we provide new perspectives in the field. Furthermore, there are more women now than ever studying STEM subjects – change is coming – and our female role models here within Capgemini help to provide the inspiration, drive and confidence to pursue future aspirations," she says.

Work alongside empowering and knowledgeable women at Capgemini

Capgemini encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity among its employees, whose talents and skills now resonate well beyond the company. For Capgemini, true diversity of thought and approach brings new solutions, creates value, and generates support and enthusiasm on a universal scale.

Find your purpose at an inclusive company - search and apply for jobs at Capgemini.


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