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Industry leader WTW drives clear value by bringing equity to life

Industry leader WTW drives clear value by bringing equity to life

 April 20, 2023

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Working for WTW means working for a clear industry leader - so much so, that not only is WTW's own culture truly diverse and inclusive, but WTW assists further organizations to forge successful workplaces. 

WTW hosts a Virtual Employee Experience Summit - and one of the many informative sessions sees WTW Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) experts and Employee Experience change masters discuss how to #EmbraceEquity in a fabulous session entitled Driving value by bringing equity to life.

WTW knows that great employee experience drives business value. Anything less erodes culture, wellbeing, commitment and performance. WTW helps organizations get the inspiration and cutting-edge ideas needed to create value out of redefined and redesigned employee experiences. WTW's Virtual Employee Experience Summit features a range of great views and helpful advice and insight.

Driving value by bringing equity to life

WTW Employee Experience Summit

Employees, customers, shareholders, and investors are demanding meaningful and measurable progress in bringing equity to life. And while it is widely known that effective diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs and progress are table stakes for both employees and the bottom line, cultivating it can be more difficult in practice.

Critical too is the need to address a greater regulatory focus on employers, focusing on how they can move past compliance into equitable outcomes and embrace equity.

WTW hosts a practical conversation with its diversity, equity, and inclusion and employee experience change masters to discuss:

  • How to define equity and what drives it in the workplace
  • How to create a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion and the important role leaders and managers play
  • How gender equality in particular plays a significant role in the DEI conversation
  • Practical steps to create greater transparency and equity in pay and career frameworks supporting equity and approaches to have benefits, perks and other programs support the diversity of need and greater equity in health and financial resilience
  • Ways employers can recognize, promote and (re)assess their effort toward equitable total rewards and the right employee experience

The conversation features a number of impressive speakers:

  • Caroline Courtin, Global Inclusion & Diversity Officer, BNP Paribas
  • Rachael McCann Jones, Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader, WTW
  • Tom Wooldridge, Associate Director, Employee Experience, WTW
  • Chloe Karam, Director, Employee Experience, France, WTW
  • Nicola Meyer, Senior Director, Employee Experience, WTW
  • Norman Ramion, Senior Director, Employee Experience, WTW
  • Mira Gajraj Mohan, Employee Experience Director, Asia Pacific, WTW
  • Tamsin Sridhara Senior Director, Work, Rewards & Careers, WTW


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