Capgemini employees explain the power of employee networks

Capgemini employees explain the power of employee networks

 September 28, 2022

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Capgemini is working to build an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to be their whole self. Its Employee Networks are at the heart of this journey. Open to all, they provide a friendly space to share experiences, promote awareness and empower each other. 

Capgemini asked six employees what makes these Networks so powerful?

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Building an inclusive environment 

Capgemini Employee Networks help the company to ensure everyone feels able to be themselves at work.

Six Employee Networks provide a place for its team to come together and share experiences. They help shape what it’s like to work at Capgemini, ensuring the company offers an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected and able to succeed. This includes offering feedback on Capgemini's corporate policies and practices. All team members can join any Network, to access assistance or to show their support for others.

Armed Forces Network

This Network supports and promotes Capgemini's Armed Forces Veterans, Reservists, family members, dependants and allies by offering understanding, welfare support, mentoring, events, fundraising and networking opportunities.


The ability and caring Network CapAbility welcomes all members no matter their life stage, location, experiences or abilities with the objective of providing support, a listening ear and a platform for advocacy. Being a carer and having a disability can happen at any point in a career; everyone is on a different journey and everyone is welcome.


OUTfront champions inclusion and achievement for all employees regardless of LGBT+ identity. The Network is a space to understand and learn from each other with the vision to make Capgemini a truly inclusive workplace, fostering a supportive and safe environment at work and beyond.

Race & Equality Network

With a vision to support, educate and empower, the Race & Equality Network is an open space for those that aspire to champion representation and equal opportunities within Capgemini. The Network aims to create a sense of community that facilitates open and educational dialogue among colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures.

Talking Heads

Talking Heads provides a space for everyone to talk about anything mental health or well-being related: it’s a space to connect, share, seek advice and uplift each other. The Network’s main focus is to promote mental health awareness, but it is more than that: it can be a space where members can leave their troubles at the door and enjoy the camaraderie of colleagues.


Developed to help women, their allies and advocates build networks, support each other and celebrate achievements. The Women@Capgemini Network ensures that all women are valued, included and empowered.

Join Capgemini's inclusive work environment 

By having a diverse workforce that represents society, and by fostering an inclusive culture, Capgemini builds a place where its people can thrive. 

Make a difference in an inclusive workplace. 

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